How we can help make a positive difference to your school

Our Online Canteen offers an easier way for school canteens and parents to better manage the lunch ordering system. Our Online Canteen’s highly innovative online lunch ordering system is the product of extensive research and feedback from parents and school canteens.

Our Online Canteen offers a wide range of services to meet the individual needs of any and every school in Australia.

Our major services include:

  • Online meal order placement
  • School uniforms
  • School fees and events
  • Full volunteer rosters
  • News and alerts
  • Student budgeting tool
  • Discounts from a wide range of local businesses
  • Online stock ordering with stock control (Designed by our valued users) – NEW!
With a view to giving back to the students even more, Our Online Canteens also raises funds and offers donations and grants

Specific Benefits to Schools and Canteens:

  • Sign Ups are FREE! No contracts needed.
  • We guarantee that your school canteen’s sales will increase.
  • Our Innovative online system saves considerable time and money.
  • Our system is easy to implement – we handle all the details for you!!
  • Our system offers comprehensive administration and financial tools
  • Our system is affordable and cost effective.
  • Our system offers volunteers rosters and announcement boards.
  • Our fees are the lowest in the industry. Cash and cashless options are available, and much more.

Specific Benefits to Parents and Students:

  • Sign Ups are FREE!
  • We offer full customer service and support.
  • Parents have the peace of mind that the school canteen has received the order.
  • With our Student Budgeting Tool, children have a unique learning opportunity.
  • Parents can order in advance and then easily keep track of their orders.
  • Parents can easily notify the school canteen about any allergies their child may have, and much more.

How Our Online Canteen Works

Our Online Canteen’s online system is extremely simple and easy. That’s because our unique and highly innovative system requires one step from each one of the three parties involved i.e. parents, school canteens, and students. Here’s how things work with Our Online Canteen:

  • STEP 1: Parents place online meal orders. Students can also order using our specially designed budgeting tool. Our budgeting tool gives students the unique opportunity to learn how to be responsible – and parents still retain full control of the system. Contact Our Online Canteen to know more about our amazing student budgeting tool.
  • STEP 2: Canteens print the orders and relevant reports and prepare the appropriate meals.
  • STEP 3: Students eat and enjoy healthy and thoroughly nourishing meals that help keep their bodies and minds healthy and active all day long.


We would like to share some amazing facts about the schools, canteens, parents and students that are a part of Our Online Canteen’s family.

  • Canteen profits increase around 35% on average.
  • Our Online Canteen has helped saved dozens of school P & C Associations and Canteens from closing.
  • The dominant majority of meal orders are placed between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM., and between 7:00 AM. and 9:00 AM.
  • 62% of total meal orders are placed on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Around 75% of parents prefer not to use cash or card systems with school canteens.
  • Canteens save around 1-2 hours a day by using our online system.
  • Parents save around $3.56 and 50 minutes per week by ordering meals using Our Online Canteen.