Service Level Agreement

Last Update Status: Updated October 2014

1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to show our dedication to our customers and users, Including our service offering of an online ordering tool and customer service to our customers.

2. Customer Service
Service Level Performance Threshold Success Rate
Time taken to answer calls Answered within 30 seconds, 70% threshold. 90%
Answered within 90 seconds, 30% threshold. 100%
Availability of 1300 service desk 100% of calls answered 100%
Emails Emails responded to within 4 hours during customer service open hours. 99%
3. Technical support and Performance
Service Level Performance Threshold Success Rate
POS hardware support CBD / Metro – within 24 working hours 100%
Regional / remote within 72 working hours 100%
Website support/Account Maintenance:Availability Availability of web portal for real time performance threshold 99.9% 100%
4. Account Information
Service Level Performance Threshold Success Rate
Parents access to online account Immediate 100%
Times between cancellation request by Email and cancellation of account Immediate 100%
5. New Customer Financial Guarantee

Profit Increase Guarantee

QuickCliq will donate up to $1000 if your sales don't increase using our system Terms and conditions include:

  1. Need to use and actively promote OOC using the required ways through OOC, proof provided.
  2. Past banks statements / financials need to be submitted prior and if payment is required the time frame figures need to be shown, may include a range of accounts in customer's number
  3. Not available for high schools
  4. Security of $150 is paid on application and may not refundable
  5. Not available with any other offer including 30 day Free Trial
  6. Available on request upon initial account activation

Website Performance, Financial Guarantee:

In the event that QuickCliq site is down longer than the Service level agreement of 99.9%. QuickCliq will pro rata the amount calculated over the past 8 weeks online sales and pay a payment to the customer being the food supplier/ Canteen for the loss of income.