Welcome to QuickCliq.

We provide a service to more than just School Canteens. Our new name and new logo now reflects what we have been doing for years! Our services extend from schools, to sports clubs and churches. Tell them about us today! We are still busy developing a new website to allow additional features in preparation for the new year.


For School, Sports Clubs and Churches

80% of us prefer not to use cash! Do you only collect cash??

Our service allows you a virtual volunteer who automatically tallies orders, counts money, and keeps track of stock at the click of a button, saving time and money. With one central place for all your families.

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For Parents / Users

Your School, Sports Club or Church is now online with QuickCliq!

Sign up now and you can join thousands Australia wide by using this simple online ordering system for your ordering needs.

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About Us

QuickCliq is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

We would like to congratulate and thank all those who have already started using our online ordering system. We feel very encouraged by the response we had so far from our valued customers. We are servicing over 500 schools, sports clubs and churches

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We have over 200,000 students using QuickCliq across Australia so far...

Please check if your school, sports club or church is part of the QuickCliq family.

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